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We tailor production to fit each client’s needs and while the content and purpose of a video is the driving force of every project, we recognize that our clients deserve a full service production that can manage a project from inception to completion. It is safe to say, we create epic creatives with cutting edge technology. Video production today is about so much more than just glitz and glamour. We value process as much as the finished result. The process is what defines your time with us. From process to product, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.



At the heart of Those Guys, we understand that all communication starts with a great story, irrespective of what it is called, how long it is or how much it costs. That is the foundation of where creativity begins. At the core, Those Guys are not afraid to think over and above and beyond.


With multi platform dedicated divisions and with the best and most talented technical and creative people, we are both flexible and versatile. Always innovating with new technology and working with not just a fine film in mind but an overall experience, production at Those Guys is key.

Post Production

With a team that has preditors at the editing table, storytelling, beautiful visuals and ears that are geared to complex yet subtle sound design and a VFX/CG team that can turn around a project in record time, the finishing touch of Those Guys is yet to be reckoned with.



Vivek Gupta Those Guys

Vivek Gupta

Founder, The Guy

Since beginning his career as a sound engineer 22 years ago, Vivek Gupta has immersed himself deeply in all elements of production. He has handled literally every aspect of the craft - from music and sound mixing, to editing; he’s been behind the camera, he’s worked as a producer as well as a post production head and finally heading production and post production, giving him an unparalleled knowledge of the most technical aspects of the production process in India and overseas. He has worked on television commercials, digital commercials, digital films and music videos as well as television shows for channels including MTV and Channel V. Vivek is obsessed with gadgets and the latest technology, and is always one step ahead of the curve. He is Those Guys’ safe pair of hands.

Mitesh Mehta Those Guys

Mitesh Mehta


Films mean much more to Mitesh than just their commercial value. He is passionate about creating great work, which builds brands and gets noticed.

A seasoned Producer, with over a decade in the industry, Mitesh also brings his past experience as an Assistant Director & a Post Producer to the table. He has been called a “baby faced assassin”, “little Director” and “a Director’s delight”, given the value he adds to any job he produces.

Known as “Mitz” to his buddies, he believes in teamwork and has joined Those Guys thanks to the company’s family feeling and warmth. Despite his diminutive size, Mitesh is actually a hardcore foodie and a walking Zomato, which comes in handy at lunchtime. He’s also a tech geek, OCD about cleanliness and a complete perfectionist, which tends to delight clients and directors alike.

Perennially positive, his favourite phrase is “let’s do this”.

  • Those Guys Video Shoot

    "TVF outsourced its parody music video "Cute" featuring Raftaar, Kanan Gill, Naveen Kasturia & Maanvi Gagroo to Those Guys Productions just 2 days before the shoot. We believed that Those Guys were the Only Guys who could pull off such a complicated shoot in such a short period of time. Not only did we manage to get it done but we also got 3.2 million views for this video, we had fun on the shoot as well. Those Guys brought a little extra zing on the edit table delivering the final cut on time. "

    Smruti Choudhury, VP Content Operations

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